Richie Trimble – the tallest bike in the world!

A Unique bike from Los Angeles! Enjoy this video:

This is what we like: Bicycle like no others!

The first story we want to talk is not about Single Speed or Fixed but is about Richie and how he acchieve his dream with the StoopidTall®, a Unique Tall bike.

Richie Trimble is the inventor behind STOOPIDTALL®, and STOOPIDTALLER™. Based in Los Angeles, he first came to the city in 2006.

With the StoopidTaller he broke the World Guinnes record in 2013: “STOOPIDTALLER” measures 6.15 m (20 ft 2.5 in).


Another shot from San Fran! Photo on instagram by @4land.

The Unique bike Creator:

We completely encourage you to make and reuse. Don’t let those scrap bikes go to waste! Make something New, Beautiful, and Pony-licious“.

– Says Richie, and we agree 100% with him

If you want to have more info about his project, pelase visit his website: Stoopidtall.

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