Wild Boy, the Savage Fixie

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Bicycle gave us FREEDOM, bikes gave us mobility, but they also gave us responsability: you must take care of them if you wanted them to help you!!

Marky Ramone , Punk Rock Blitzkrieg, My life as a Ramone – Marc Steven Bell 2015

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Wild Boy, the Fixed Bikethe Wild Boy is the quintessential classic Fixie bicycle, for men and women, young and old, no half measures, no frills. A single color black enhances the peculiarities of single speed bike. Only a Fixed bike like this can transform walk around the city into an “Easy Ride”.

It’s not only his driving qualities or his simplicity to make it a Fixie classical: the excellent price/quality ratio make it one of the most sold Single Speed bike in Europe.

With his innate aggressiveness and its unique design, completely create in Italy, the Wild Boy wins the trophy for the best Single Speed driving exerience and bring home the title of King of the city roads.

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