Tiffany, the Elegent Fixie

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The Tiffany is a jewel “on the road”. Running free with your Single Speed, both in urban centers and in rural roads, you will shine like a diamond in the eyes of passersby. An exclusive bicycle made with moderate tone, in its “Tiffany Green” and with his anodized circles in “Tiffany gray” turns to drivinf into a Gala evening.

A chic bike for chic people, with a Vintage tone, this Fixed bike will give a final touch to your elegance while you’re driving.

Fixie, fast and accurate

Its excellent road holding makes Tiffani one of Single Speed more guided in Northern European cities.

Fixed or free? No problem with the Flip Flop hubs

The Flip Flop hubs, which allow to change the transmission from fixed to normal, give to this Bike a unique versatility.

Fixie Single Speed Tiffany, The most elegant Fixie bike in the Urban scene!

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Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 127 × 74 × 14 cm


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