Our Fixie Bikes are Unique!

We are deeply proud of our Fixie Bikes, both the Unique once, built on Vintage Frames (like Bianchi, Atala, Cinelli, Bartali and many more), ane the once are for the mass production. anyway all of our Single Speed Bikes are created with tested parts made of good quality.

Single Speed & Vintage

We create Bicycle with the base of Epoch Frames from the best Brands: Atala, Bianchi, Bartali, Benotto, Cinelli, Legnano and many more. Donate yourself a bike who has no equal, you will be the only one that own it!

Practical in Town

With a single speed bike you will find you Urban Dimension. An essential bike like this will be extremly easy and light to drive, without any frills and with a fixed sprocket you will feel emotions you never felt before when you drove a bicycle. The Fixed bikes are the Urban Future.

Fixed Gear + Flip Flop

All the Series bicycle are equipped with a Flip-Flop Habs and you can easily switch between Fixed and Free. The Unique bikes have several and different habs.

Who are we?

“We are free men who want to transform a passion into a lifestyle”.

Creative Director

After years between Angencies and International experienses he stoped and dedicate all the time he has to his passion: Fixie bikes and freedom. He designs and build Unique bikes and take cares of the Company Communication.

Social & Content Manager

With experiences in Italy and overseas, Ivan approched Fixie and More because of his passion for Fixed Bikes. Ivan is in charge of Blog contents, SEO text and Socials. He’s also taking care of the quality control of the series models.

Fixie and More is a creative workshop where we create unique bicycle prototypes. Our Passion: Single speed, Fixed and Urban bikes of every kind.

We modernize Vintage and Branded bikes (like Bianchi, Atala, Bartali and so on) and we give them a new life, making them like new branded for all the Urban Bike lovers.

We recover, we try to make our World a place more clean, both for lungs and for eyes! “Produce, consume, die” is absolutly not our motto. We don’t like to waste, we reuse, we recreate everything with an italian style.

But we also tell stories: about our Fans, about who, like us, share his own passions, about free people that want to make his own a better World, about our stories and about all the people that insipred us.

Base of all of this is the “creativity”, without we would not have any reason to live!